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What We Do

Our Services

We provide custom, private, one-on-one SAT preparation tutoring.  We teach what really makes the difference in SAT scores—high level academic competencies.  We shore up our students’ critical thinking skills, teach problem solving techniques, and work on all the subject matter of the SAT.  Then we develop strategies for quickly getting correct SAT answers without careless errors.  We teach the best approach and any needed formulas for each question type on the SAT.  Our students participate in multiple simulations in realistic test environments, making students comfortable with the material, the test format and setting, and allowing our students to learn to use their newfound approaches in the SAT timed test environment.

Our students know when to register for an official SATwhen they’ve achieved their goal scores on one of our simulations.  When they take their official SATs, our students have already demonstrated that they will succeed on the SAT, so they arrive on test day fully prepared and confident.

And our students get outstanding results, often hundreds of points increases in SAT scores.


In the Triangle area of North Carolina, instruction is provided in our tutors’ offices and at other convenient locations.  We also provide internet based distance tutoring and have proven successes tutoring students in remote locations, including boarding schools, around the country.

Why are we your best choice for SAT preparation?

You will get outstanding results with our customized approach.  We don't start with an inflexible classroom curriculum and merely teach it privately.  Our unique approach is built entirely around the needs of each individual student.  We have experience and we get resultsbetter than most believe possible.

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