"Expanding college choice through private, customized SAT preparation"

When Getting Into The Best College Hinges On One Test…

A Positive Aptitude® can help you:

       Get into your top-choice colleges

       Qualify for honors programs and academic scholarships

       Feel more confident about the SAT and about overall academic performance

SAT?  Don't sweat it.  Studying with A POSITIVE APTITUDE® will give you the knowledge and confidence to ace your SAT and the skills to approach high level academic work using exceptional critical thinking and problem solving approaches. 

We teach what really makes the difference in SAT scores—high level academic competencies.  We shore up the students’ critical thinking skills, teach problem solving techniques and work on all the subject matter of the SAT.  Then we develop strategies for quickly getting correct SAT answers without careless errors.  Studies show that significant SAT score increases come from improved subject knowledge and academic competence.  Small increases come from learning test‑taking techniques.

       Our instruction is one-on-one; we adapt to individual learning needs and styles.

       Our methods have been in practice for many years and have achieved outstanding results—better than most believe possible.

       We are full time, professional instructors.

You will enjoy studying with us and you will get great results!

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