Who & When

Who Should Use our Services?

You're a great candidate for our services if you:

•        want to make sure you do very well the first time you take the SAT

•        are disappointed with a score that doesn't reflect your abilities or goals

•        have done well on the PSAT or SAT, and want to move to an even higher score

•        have some test taking challenges or anxieties

•        have some gaps or weaknesses in the approaches and knowledge tested by the SAT

•        need to sharpen your reading comprehension or critical reasoning skills

•        do best with one-on-one, relationship-based tutoring

A POSITIVE APTITUDE® will customize lessons to your exact needs, filling gaps in writing, reading and math needed for the SAT.  We work at your pace, according to your style, helping you overcome challenges presented by the SAT.

•        The SAT covers some material you may not have seen since elementary school or may not have covered at all.

•        SAT questions require practical solutions; most schools teach theoretical approaches.

•        You might be a good writer, but still need a surefire way to write a winning SAT essay.

•        You may have test anxiety, special educational needs, an atypical learning style or limited experience taking this type of test.

We teach you the SAT subjects, how to approach every question and give you so much practice taking the SAT that you’ll take the real test fully confident and relaxed.

When should you start with A POSITIVE APTITUDE®?

Sophomore year  Get a head start.  Prepare well before SAT dates, at your leisure.

Junior year  Work at a leisurely pace and be fully prepared for the spring SAT.  If needed, you'll have the following summer and fall to prepare for retesting in time for college applications.  It would be even better to start in the summer before your junior year.

Senior year  The summer before senior year provides final preparation opportunities for a fall SAT.


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